Service Agreement

Service Agreement {}

Invoices are issued by A+ Conferencing, a billing service.

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 Company Name_____________________________________________________________

Billing Address______________________________________________________________

City_____________________________________________    State_____ Zip ___________
Phone_________________________  Fax________________ E-Mail __________________

Service Contact______________________________ Phone _________________________

Billing Contact_________________________________ Phone _______________________

Moderator (s) ______________________________________________________________


I hereby certify that the above information is true and correct and that has my permission to use this information for credit checking purposes. If credit is extended to me, I agree to pay my invoices promptly within 30 days of the invoice date. Payment by credit card is also acceptable (Visa/MC/Discover); just call Customer Service at 1-888-665-5900 and provide your credit card info.If I default in meeting these conditions, I understand that can place my account on a credit hold status, which means my company cannot use any more services until payments are made to restore my account.I also agree to guard my pin codes and keep them confidential to prevent any unauthorized usage on my account. And if I do suspect any unauthorized usage, I will report it to Customer Service immediately at 1-888-665-5900.

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