Flat-Rate Unlimited

Why Flat-Rate Plans Make Sense
With flat-rate plans you can talk all you want, and not worry about per minute charges. If you know you will have a conference call
several times per month, its more cost-effective to pre-pay, and get our lowest possible prices. The only possible disadvantage of
flat-rate plans is that pre-payment is required. It is not required to pre-pay with our per minute plans.

Standard Flat-Rate Plans
With flat rate plans, you and your attendees may talk all they want, without worrying about a per minute conferencing charge
from us. You and your attendees will certainly be making long distance phone calls, using your existing long distance carriers,
to reach ether our Iowa call center, or our Kansas call center. We have a Texas call center, but its not available for flat-rate
service, only per-minute services.